Feeling hot in Perth and need a cooler home? You’re not alone. Prices to install a split system air conditioner start from $1,565 including GST. This article will guide you through costs, choices, and saving tips for cooling your house.

Stay cool and keep reading.

Key Takeaways

  • In Perth, installing a split system air conditioner can cost between $600 and $4900. The price changes depending on the system’s size, brand, and features.
  • Choosing a brand like Mitsubishi, Daikin, or Toshiba affects how much you’ll pay. Each offers different prices for their models including installation.
  • You can save money by comparing quotes, picking energy-efficient models that use less power to lower bills later, doing some prep work yourself before installation, and looking for discounts during off-peak seasons.
  • Professional installation is important because it makes sure your air conditioner works well and safely. Trying to install it yourself could lead to extra costs if something goes wrong.

Understanding Split System Air Conditioners

A modern backyard garden with a split system air conditioner unit.

Split system air coolers are great for controlling the temperature in specific rooms. They have an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, which work together to keep your space comfy.

Pros and Cons of a Split System

Split system air conditioners have become a popular choice for climate control in homes. They offer a mix of benefits and drawbacks depending on your needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons.


  1. Energy Efficiency – These systems don’t waste much power. Mine does a great job without hiking up the electricity bill too much. It’s much better than the old window rattler we had before.
  2. Cost-Effective – Installing one can save money in the long run. You’re not cooling rooms you’re not using, so it feels smart, money-wise.
  3. Quiet Operation – They make hardly any noise. It’s so quiet; you forget it’s on sometimes!
  4. Versatility – You can fit them in many places around your house, from bedrooms to living areas. Plus, they can heat and cool, making them useful all year round.


  1. Limited Cooling Capacity – They might struggle to cool very large spaces evenly. I’ve noticed this when trying to push the air from my lounge to other parts of the house.
  2. Weather Dependency – Their efficiency can dip during extreme weather—super hot days mean they work harder and use more energy.
  3. Maintenance Requirement – You need to keep them clean to run well, requiring regular filter cleans and checks.
  4. Installation Limitations – Not every home is cut out for an easy install; some places need extra work to fit these units right, which means extra costs.

Understanding these points can help you decide if a split system is right for your Perth home or if another air conditioning system might suit your needs better.

Cost to Install a Split System Air Conditioner in Perth

A technician installing a split system air conditioner in a modern home.

Finding out the price to get a split system air conditioner set up in Perth? It swings a lot! Prices change based on size, brand, and other things. Read on to find ways to save money and make smart choices for your home.

General Cost Range

Installing a split system air conditioner in Perth falls into a broad price bracket. You might spend as little as $600 for a basic reverse cycle unit, or up to $4900 for a more complex multi-split system.

This range hinges on several factors, including the power of the system measured in kW and its specific features.

I once had a 2.5 kW unit installed in my study, which sat comfortably at the lower end of these estimates. The process was smooth and did not hit my wallet too hard, proving that an effective cooling solution can indeed be affordable.

Next up is understanding what pumps up these costs – from room size to installation challenges.

Factors Impacting Installation Costs

After you’ve gotten a sense of the general cost range for installing a split-system air conditioner in Perth, you might wonder what makes the prices so varied. Several factors can either hike up or reduce the total installation bill. Let’s peek into these aspects:

  1. Size and Type of Unit – Bigger doesn’t always mean pricier, but with air con units, it often does. A large system that cools more space will likely cost more to install than a smaller one.
  2. Brand Choice – High-end brands like Mitsubishi, Daikin, and Toshiba may have higher upfront costs for their models due to their reputation for reliability and energy efficiency.
  3. Installation Site Accessibility – Easy does it; if your house is simple to navigate and the unit is straightforward to access, expect lower costs. Tight spaces, high roofs, or hard-to-reach areas can push prices up as they require more time and labour.
  4. Electrical System Upgrades – Your current electrical setup might not support the new unit. If upgrades are necessary, this will add to your bill.
  5. Material Needs – Different systems need different materials for fitting them securely in place. More complex setups demand more materials, which can increase your expense.
  6. Licencing and Permissions – In some cases, you’ll need licences or permissions to install an air con unit in Perth. The cost for these can vary widely.
  7. Energy Efficiency Levels – Systems with high energy efficiency ratios might have higher initial costs but can save money on running expenses over time due to lower power use.

Each of these factors plays a crucial role in tailoring the final price of installing a split-system air conditioner in your home or office in Perth. Opting for an efficient model from a reputable brand might seem costly at first but remember it’s an investment towards comfort and savings on energy bills down the line.

Choice of Brands and Their Impact on Costs

Picking the right brand can make a big difference in how much you pay. Brands like Mitsubishi, Daikin, and Toshiba offer different prices and features. Learn all about it to save money and get what you need!


Mitsubishi offers a variety of air coolers that don’t just blow cold air but also save on bills. Their model MSZ-AP20VG, priced at $1,895 AUD in Perth, includes standard set-up by professionals.

This brand is known for making equipment that’s easy to use and doesn’t make much noise when working. People can get free onsite quotes before deciding on any services, which shows the company’s trust in their affordable pricing.

Global Cool Air has experts ready to install Mitsubishi air systems efficiently. They ensure your home stays comfortable without draining your wallet or disrupting the peace. With benefits like low energy use and straightforward upkeep, picking this brand means enjoying coolness without hassle or high costs.


Switching gears from Mitsubishi, let’s talk about Daikin. This brand stands out in the air conditioning market for its efficient and reliable models. For those looking to install a split system air conditioner in Perth, Daikin offers options starting at $1,565 AUD, including GST and standard back-to-back installation.

The prices vary based on model specifications—like Model FTXF20W priced at $1,665 AUD or the more advanced FTXV35W at $2,065 AUD.

I recently chose a Daikin unit for my home because of their reputation for energy efficiency and durability. Opting for the Model FTXV25W at $1,875, I found the installation process straightforward and hassle-free with professional help.

It struck me how quiet the unit operates while efficiently cooling down rooms—a noticeable difference from previous brands I’ve used. With models available across various price points, Daikin proves to be a smart choice for anyone considering new air conditioning units aimed at conserving energy without compromising on performance.


Toshiba makes split system air conditioners that are both affordable and energy-efficient. They have a model, the RAS-10E2KV2G-A, priced at $1,651 AUD. This price includes standard fitting by skilled workers.

You can get these systems put in place in Perth’s Northern Suburbs by Air-Cond Installs WA.

These air coolers from Toshiba offer a cost-effective way to keep small to medium-sized rooms cool. Choosing Toshiba might also save money over time because of their reputation for quality and efficiency.

They’re known for products that use less power, keeping bills low while cooling your space.

Ways to Save Money on Installation

Looking for a cheap way to install air conditioning? Simple – compare quotes and choose energy-saving models. This can cut down on your bills, both now and later.

What is the Cheapest Way to Install Air Conditioning?

The cheapest way to install air conditioning is by choosing a split-system and doing some prep work yourself. Before hiring an expert, you can clear the area where the unit will go.

Make sure there’s easy access for the installer. This cuts down on labor time and costs. Also, picking a less busy time of year can save money. Installers might offer deals during cooler months.

I learned from installing my own system in Perth that quotes vary widely between companies. It pays to shop around and ask about specials or package deals, especially on brands like Daikin or Mitsubishi which are known for reliability but come with higher price tags upfront.

In my case, I found a local company that matched me with an energy-efficient model at a lower cost because I was flexible with installation dates. Keeping an eye out for discounts on last year’s models can also lead to savings without sacrificing quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the “Frequently Asked Questions” for quick answers on air cooling systems, installation do’s and don’ts, and cost-effectiveness tips. Keep reading to learn more!

Can I Install a Split-System Myself?

You might think installing a split-system air con by yourself could save you some coin, but it’s not a great idea. The process is tricky and full of risks. Only skilled tradespeople should tackle this job to keep things safe and up to scratch.

They know how to size the system just right for your space, making sure it runs efficiently without chewing through too much electricity. Plus, if something goes wrong during DIY installation, you could wave goodbye to your warranty.

Licensed experts bring everything needed to get the job done – knowledge, experience, permits – ensuring your new cooling buddy works perfectly from day one. They understand all about keeping energy use low and can help avoid any shockers when the power bill arrives.

Skipping on professional setup isn’t worth the headache or the hazards that come with going it alone in this work zone.

Is the Installation Cost Worth It?

Deciding on whether the installation cost for split-system air conditioners is worth it depends on a few things. First, think about the comfort and convenience it brings into your home.

In Perth’s hot summer months, having a reliable cooling system isn’t just nice—it’s necessary. Then, consider energy efficiency. Split systems are known to consume less electricity compared to older or less advanced cooling units.

This means lower electric bills over time.

The upfront cost might seem high with prices ranging from $600 to $4900 based on what you choose. Yet, the investment pays off through reduced energy use and savings on future power bills.

Not to forget, these systems also heat your space during cold days without needing another heating device—adding more value. So, weighing these benefits against the initial price shows that yes, putting money into a good air conditioning unit does prove its worth in comfort and financial savings down the line.


Installing a split system air cooler in Perth varies in cost. Prices start around $1,565 and can go up based on the model and brand you choose. Mitsubishi, Daikin, and Toshiba offer different prices for their systems, including setup by skilled workers.

To save some cash, look for deals or consider cheaper installation options. Picking the right air conditioner means looking at your budget and needs to find the best fit that won’t break the bank.


1. What’s the price range for installing a split system air conditioner in Perth?

The cost can vary widely, depending on factors like the unit’s size and type. Generally, you’re looking at anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars – it really depends on what you need.

2. Are portable air conditioners cheaper than split systems in Perth?

Yes, typically, portable units are less expensive upfront. But remember, they might not be as energy-efficient or effective at cooling larger spaces as their split system counterparts.

3. Can I save money by choosing an energy-efficient air conditioner?

Absolutely! Opting for an energy star-rated air conditioner means lower power consumption – which translates to savings on your electricity bill over time.

4. How does reverse-cycle air conditioning work? Is it worth the extra cost?

Reverse-cycle units can cool and heat your home, making them incredibly versatile all year round. They’re more costly initially but can conserve energy and reduce bills in the long run.

5. What payment options are available for installing a new air-conditioning unit in Perth?

You’ve got choices here – everything from credit cards to loans or even buy now, pay later schemes offered by some retailers and banks. It makes upgrading easier on your wallet.

6. Do I need a licensed electrician to install my split system AC in Perth?

Yes, you do! Only a certified electrician has the know-how and licensing required to safely install your new unit according to Australian standards.