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Struggling to find the best homeware brands? This article highlights 26 top Australian home decor creators. It guides you through unique, stylish furniture, bedding, and accessories for your space.

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Key Takeaways

  • Armadillo, Georg Jensen, and Mud Australia are top picks for unique home decor in Australia. They use ethical practices and craft items with style.
  • King Living and Sarah Ellison design furniture that mixes modern looks with comfort. Their pieces last long and make homes look great.
  • Dinosaur Designs is known for resin homewares that brighten any space. Maison Balzac offers scented candles to make your house smell good.
  • New brands like En Gold focus on natural stone designs, adding luxury to homes. Hommey cushions bring comfort with their simple style.
  • Curated Spaces sells one-of-a-kind furniture that adds personality to rooms. Just Adele crafts elegant items from natural stone for a stylish touch.

Leading Australian Designer Brands

A stylish home interior with modern furniture and decor.

Australia shines with top-notch designer labels for your home. Brands like Armadillo, Georg Jensen, and Mud Australia bring unique style and quality to the table.


Armadillo shines among top Australian homewares brands, known for its stylish home decor. It sits with big names like Maison Balzac and Dinosaur Designs in a choice list of 26 Aussie favourites.

This brand makes your space look good and taps into the vintage trend through Instagram sellers. For those decorating their homes, Armadillo offers unique and affordable pieces that stand out.

The company is easy to find both in stores and online, making it simple for everyone across Australia to add a touch of elegance to their spaces. With ethical practices at its core, Armadillo is part of a movement towards sustainable living – offering items that are as kind to the planet as they are beautiful.

Next up, let’s explore Georg Jensen’s contribution to Australian design.

Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen stands out as a top Danish designer brand, famous in Australia for its luxury home and kitchen items. This brand’s products are a symbol of elegance, attracting Australian buyers who want timeless beauty in their decor.

They offer everything from kitchenware to tableware and decorative pieces. Georg Jensen has teamed up with leading Australian designers, making its mark on the design scene down under.

Their focus is on skilled craftsmanship and fresh ideas, earning them a spot among the preferred choices for Australians keen on the best in design and decoration. With an array of accessories like organic cotton pillowcases and beautifully woven duvet covers, Georg Jensen brings sophistication straight into homes across Australia.

These collaborations have boosted their range, giving shoppers more stylish options to pick from.

Mud Australia

Moving from the timeless elegance of Georg Jensen, we find the unique charm of Mud Australia. This brand stands out for its hand-crafted porcelain tablewares, available in 19 vibrant shades.

Each piece tells a story of skill and care, made to add beauty to your home. Their products are not just dishes; they’re art pieces that bring color to every meal.

Mud Australia has mastered weaving style into everyday items. Picture setting your table with these stunning pieces – it’s like hosting a feast with artwork at the center. The brand makes sure you find something special for your home, whether you prefer didi and dora designs or simple yet sophisticated looks.

With Mud Australia, each choice becomes an expression of individual taste and elegance.

Innovative Furniture and Decor

A modern chair in a creatively decorated room with a bustling atmosphere.

Furniture that changes rooms and decorations that catch eyes live here. Think big, from comfy chairs to wall hangings—each piece tells its story, making your space come alive.

King Living

King Living has been at the forefront of Australian furniture design since the late 1970s. They create sofas, chairs, and tables that are both stylish and durable. With a focus on innovation, King Living offers pieces that transform living spaces into elegant homes.

Their designs meet everyday needs with clever storage solutions and flexible layouts. Customers value King Living for its commitment to quality craftsmanship and contemporary style.

Each piece is designed to last, making it a wise choice for those looking to invest in their home’s comfort and aesthetic appeal.


DesignByThem stands out with its fresh furniture and decor items. This brand sets the bar high for creativity, functionality, and sustainability. They craft their pieces with natural materials such as onyx, marble, and limestone.

These choices show their commitment to timeless design.

Their portfolio includes contemporary homewares alongside beauty and fragrance products that promise to lift any home’s atmosphere. DesignByThem is a key player among Australian homeware brands, celebrated for bringing unique, stylish, and eco-friendly options to the table.

From must-have furniture staples to trend-aware collections, this brand ensures every item makes a statement without saying a word.

Sarah Ellison

Sarah Ellison makes furniture and decor that stand out. She started her brand in 2017, creating pieces for the home that mix modern style with comfort. Her designs are bold and fresh, making any room look great.

You’ll find items like sofas, tables, and accessories that all have a unique touch.

Ellison’s brand uses high-quality materials to make sure everything lasts long. From comfy chairs to stylish mirrors, her collection brings something special to homes everywhere. People love her work for its creativity and the way it makes spaces beautiful and cosy.

Unique Homeware and Accessories

Find cool stuff for your home with unique homeware and accessories. Keep reading to discover great finds!

Dinosaur Designs

Dinosaur Designs stands out with its resin-based homewares, tableware, and jewelry. Their pieces shine in vibrant colors that catch the eye. This Australian brand has become popular for crafting unique items that last long and work well.

They make each product with care and detail.

Marloe Marloe

Marloe Marloe stands out for offering stylish and unique homewares from top Australian brands like Didi and Dora, Studio Mignone, Merci Maison, Maison Balzac, and Like Butter. They commit to sustainability, creativity, and functionality in their home decor pieces.

With a focus on providing affordable items that enhance interiors, Marloe Marloe ensures customers find the perfect touch for their homes. Their collection includes a range of weavers’ work, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship.

This brand has made its mark by emphasising eco-friendly practices alongside innovative design in every piece they offer. Customers can easily find something special for any room—be it elegant vases or chic lighting options.

The inclusion of brands such as Didi and Dora highlights Marloe Marloe’s dedication to supporting local artisans while giving buyers access to exclusive home accessories not found anywhere else.

Maison Balzac

Maison Balzac unique scents candles, essential oils, and glassware

Their candles are not just sources of light; they are designed to evoke emotions and create an ambiance that complements any room.

Their range spans from the invigorating scent of morning dew to the calming essence of lavender fields at dusk. With essential oils sourced for purity and glassware fashioned with elegance, Maison Balzac has established itself as a go-to brand for those who cherish craftsmanship and quality in their living spaces.

Next up is exploring emerging Australian homeware brands that bring fresh perspectives to interior design.

Emerging Australian Homeware Brands

New brands from Australia are bringing fresh looks for homes. They’re mixing modern styles with comfort, making spaces everyone loves.

En Gold

En Gold stands out for its stunning pieces made from natural stones like onyx, marble, and limestone. This brand is all about timeless designs that bring a piece of the earth into your home.

Each item tells its own story through unique patterns and colors found in nature.

Their collections focus on bringing luxury and elegance to every space. En Gold’s furniture and accessories are more than just items; they capture moments and memories carved in stone.

They are perfect for those who appreciate craftsmanship and the beauty of natural materials.

Next up, we explore Hommey…


Hommey makes simple, cosy cushions perfect for any corner of your home. They focus on comfort and style, fitting right in with modern living spaces. Their products promise to add a soft touch wherever you place them, from sofas in the roundhouse to cosy reading nooks.

Next up is Studio Mignone, bringing vibrant energy into your home with their unique designs

Studio Mignone

Studio Mignone stands out for its vibrant and unique furniture. They make tables with glass tops and colorful resin feet. These pieces add a bold statement to any room. Their creativity doesn’t stop there.

Studio Mignone also offers other eye-catching homewares.

Their products reflect a mix of art and function. Each piece brings life to spaces, making homes more inviting and lively. Studio Mignone is perfect for those who love flair in their decor.

Speciality Items for Stylish Homes

For those who love unique touches in their homes, speciality items make all the difference. They turn a space from ordinary to stunning with just a few pieces.

Curated Spaces

Curated Spaces sells secondhand and artisanal furniture. It’s a place where every piece tells a story. They find, fix, and sell items that bring character to any room. Tables, chairs, lights – each has its own history.

This makes your home unique.

Shopping here means your decor stands out. No two items are the same in Curated Spaces. Imagine having a chair no one else does or a lamp that starts conversations. That’s what they offer – pieces with personality and charm that make your spaces special.

Just Adele

Just Adele stands out for its unique creations in natural stone. Each piece tells a story of elegance and luxury, making any home feel more sophisticated. The brand specialises in items like tables, countertops, and decorative pieces that catch the eye.

They ensure every product is of high quality.

Their work transforms ordinary spaces into beautiful places. Customers get to choose from a variety of natural stone products. Just Adele makes homes look stunning with their designs.

They are known for good customer service and attention to detail. This brand promises durability and style with everything they offer.

Pop and Scott

Pop and Scott stand out for their handcrafted furniture made from local woods. They offer pieces that bring warmth to any room. Their designs reflect a deep appreciation for natural beauty and skilled craftsmanship.

Each item shows the maker’s care and attention to detail.

They shine in making spaces feel like home with unique, earthy elements. By choosing Pop and Scott, you invest in lasting style and quality that supports local artisans. The brand is a go-to for anyone looking to infuse their living space with character and comfort through well-made furnishings.

Discovering the Best Brands for Your Home in Australia

Finding the right brands for your home in Australia is easy with 26 top homeware names to choose from. People are now picking unique and affordable pieces more than before. They also spend on big items meant to last forever.

Vintage sellers on Instagram are getting popular too. These trends show how Australians want their homes to reflect their personal style.

Armadillo, Georgie Jensen, and Mud Australia lead among designer brands. For furniture and decor that stands out, look at King Living and Sarah Ellison. Want something different for your house? Try Dinosaur Designs or Maison Balzac for accessories.

New names like En Gold and Studio Mignone are popping up, offering fresh options.

This journey through Australian homeware brings us next to understanding how these choices elevate any living space.

Conclusion: Elevating Your Home with Quality Brands

Elevating your home means choosing top brands. Across Australia, brands like Armadillo and King Living redefine style and comfort. Accessories from Dinosaur Designs or Maison Balzac add unique touches.

For the latest trends, emerging names like En Gold stand out. Finally, specialty shops such as Curated Spaces offer those one-of-a-kind finds. With these brands, you make your space truly yours – stylish, comfortable, and uniquely Australian.


1. What’s the best brand for kitchen appliances?

Samsung and LG lead the pack — reliable, innovative.

2. Which furniture brand offers top quality?

Ikea stands out; affordable, stylish, durable.

3. Who makes the best home entertainment systems?

Sony and Bose — unmatched sound, cutting-edge tech.

4. What brand should I pick for home tools?

DeWalt or Makita; tough, dependable… a DIYer’s dream.

5. Best brand for bedding and linens?

Brooklinen wins here; cosy comfort meets luxury.

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