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If you’re seeking top-notch climate control in Woodvale, you’ve hit the jackpot with our all-encompassing air conditioning services. Whether it’s a fresh install to beat the heat or some TLC for your trusty unit, we’ve got your back every step of the way.

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Eamon Browne
Eamon Browne
Very happy with my aircon install, Cody’s attention to detail and friendly service was excellent! Highly recommend 💯
Luke Willemse
Luke Willemse
Absolute 5 star service from Cody. Job was completed on time and to an exceptional standard. 100% recommend.
Bronwyn Haig
Bronwyn Haig
Cody was amazing to deal with, he was very efficient at getting the job done, very clean and tidied up when finished. So happy to have a cool house again in time for Christmas. Highly recommend! Thanks Cody.
We found Cody to be extremely professional yet very friendly. Everything he told us he did and more. He was punctual and accommodating when fitting our job into his schedule making it work for both of us. Cody worked with minimal mess and cleaned up properly once he had completed the job. His price was very competitive and we are very happy with the end result. So good to have a cool home once again for summer and knowing the house will be heated during next winter feels good. We highly recommend Cody.
rebecca warner
rebecca warner
Cody from Hippo Air, installed ducted air conditioning system at our home. We can now sleep better at night. Great job!
Ben Connell
Ben Connell
I found Hippo Air-conditioning through a Google search and to my surprise they were the cheapest I had been quoted. The quote was done within a day and installed four days later. Cody at hippo air conditioning did an excellent job. They were extremely professional and I couldn't recommend them highly enough.
Tegan Cannon
Tegan Cannon
Good value, not a Rip off. Neat and tidy work completed. Thank you !!! 😃🙏 Definitely recommend.!

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Hippo Air Conditioning 

Air Conditioning Woodvale: A/C Installation, Repair, And Maintenance

A modern air conditioning unit in a well-kept home interior.

Staying cool in Woodvale’s soaring temperatures isn’t always a breeze, especially when your A/C acts up. Good news, though – Hippo Air Conditioning here boasts a 5-star service that locals swear by.

This blog unpacks how their top-notch installation, speedy repairs, and thorough maintenance keep your climate perfect all year round. Dive in to defeat the heat!

Key Takeaways

  • Hippo Air Conditioning offers expert installation of all air conditioner types in Woodvale, WA. They visit your home to suggest the best spot and clean up after setup.
  • Immediate repair services by Hippo Air Conditioning keep your A/C running smoothly with 24/7 support for any issues.
  • Regular maintenance from these professionals extends the life of your system, reduces energy bills, and improves indoor air quality.
  • They service many systems like ducted, split, and evaporative cooling to suit different spaces in Woodvale homes or businesses.
  • With a focus on customer satisfaction, energy efficiency, flexible scheduling, clear pricing, and top-notch year-round service, locals choose them for climate control needs.


Comprehensive Air Conditioning Services in Woodvale, WA

A technician installing a modern air conditioning unit in a Woodvale home.





Hippo Air Conditioning brings over a decade of experience to every air conditioning installation in Woodvale, WA. The team provides quick and accurate quotes for all types of air conditioning units.


  • First, you pick the type of air conditioner that suits your home. Whether it’s a ducted, split system, or evaporative cooling, Hippo Air Conditioning has the right fit for your space.
  • Next, we visit your home to understand where to place the unit. The team examines your rooms and suggests the best spot for optimal climate control.
  • Then comes choosing a day that works for you. We’re flexible with scheduling and always aim for a time that causes minimal disruption to your routine.
  • On installation day, our qualified technicians arrive prepared. They bring all the necessary tools and equipment to get your new air con up and running.
  • Our experts handle the entire setup process. This includes mounting the unit, connecting ducts or pipes, and ensuring everything is sealed properly.
  • Safety checks are a must. We thoroughly test each part of your new air conditioning system to make sure it’s safe and ready to use.
  • We don’t leave you hanging with just an installed unit. Our team shows you how to use your new HVAC system effectively for maximum energy savings.
  • Finally, we clean up any mess from installation work. Your home stays tidy so you can enjoy cool or warm air right away without extra fuss.



Air conditioning repair is key to keeping your home comfortable. Hippo Air Conditioning and Hippo Air Conditioning offer top-notch repair services in Woodvale, WA.


  • Technicians are ready day and night to fix your A/C problems. Hippo Air Conditioning has local pros available 24/7 for quick help.
  • Experts tackle all sorts of issues, from noisy aircons to units that won’t cool. They work on all types of systems to get your cool air flowing again.
  • Regular training keeps technicians sharp. They stay updated on the newest fixes for both old and modern air conditioners.
  • Problems get solved fast and right the first time. This saves you time, stress, and money on repeat visits.
  • High-quality parts ensure repairs last longer. Using the best parts means your A/C stays fixed for the long haul.
  • Clear pricing helps you know what you’re paying for. No hidden fees or surprises when it comes to fixing your climate-controlled comfort.



Keeping your air conditioning system in top shape is crucial. Hippo Air Conditioning provides excellent maintenance services to ensure your units are running efficiently.


  • It extends the life of your air conditioner. Regular check-ups prevent small issues from becoming big problems.
  • Maintenance keeps your energy bills down. Clean and well-tuned systems use less power.
  • Your home stays more comfortable. A well-maintained unit means consistent climate control.
  • It protects your warranty. Many manufacturers require regular servicing to keep warranties valid.
  • Indoor air quality improves. Clean filters and coils mean cleaner air in your home.
  • Responding quickly to maintenance requests, with a professional approach every time.
  • Offering over ten years of expertise to the Woodvale community for peace of mind service.
  • Providing thorough inspections and cleaning to improve the performance of HVAC systems.
  • Checking refrigerant levels to make sure your system cools as it should.
  • Inspecting thermostats for accurate temperature control throughout the year.
  • Cleaning or replacing filters for healthier, allergen-free air circulation.
  • Examining ductwork for any leaks that could reduce efficiency and increase costs.


Types of Air Conditioning Systems Serviced

A technician installs a ducted air conditioning system in a modern home.

Whether you’re looking to beat the heat with a sleek split system air conditioner or enjoy the natural comfort of an evaporative cooling system, our range of services has got your back.

We tackle all sorts and sizes—from ducted designs that whisper climate-controlled secrets through every vent in your home to those beloved reverse cycle units keeping you snug in winter and cool as a cucumber when summer scorches.


Ducted Air Conditioning


Ducted air conditioning is a game changer for homes and businesses in Woodvale. Imagine every room at the perfect temperature all year round. That’s what Hippo Air Conditioning brings to the table with their top-notch ducted A/C services.

They install, service, and repair these systems to keep your space climate-controlled and comfy.

Let’s talk about keeping things running smoothly. Hippo Air Conditioning knows that sometimes you’re torn between fixing your old system or getting a new one. Their expert advice helps you make the smart choice without guessing.

Hippo Air Conditioning steps up, too—they’ve got your back 24/7 in Woodvale for any ducted air conditioning emergencies. No more sweating it out waiting for help!


Split System Air Conditioning


Split system air conditioners are popular for heating and cooling in Woodvale homes. They work well in both small spaces and large rooms. These systems have two parts: one inside the house and one outside.

This setup helps to keep your home comfortable all year round.

Experts in Woodvale, like Hippo Air Conditioning and Hippo Air Conditioning, know how to install these systems perfectly. They make sure your split system runs smoothly and uses less energy. Hippo Air Conditioning offers help any time of the day, with clear prices and ways to pay that make it easy on your wallet.

Trust these pros to handle all your split system needs without any hassle.


Evaporative Air Conditioning


Let’s talk about evaporative air conditioning by switching gears from split system air conditioners. This type is a champ at keeping homes cool with less energy use. These systems work by passing hot outside air over water-soaked pads, chilling the air naturally before blowing it through your house.

Hippo Air Conditioning is a top pick in Woodvale for setting up these eco-friendly units. They’ve got the skills to ensure your home stays fresh with minimal power bills. Hippo Air Conditioning also offers round-the-clock support for these systems.

With their help, you’ll keep comfy all summer without breaking the bank on electricity costs. Plus, they offer interest-free ways to pay — easy on both the planet and your pocket!

Why Choose Our Professional Services in Woodvale?

A modern air-conditioner unit in a well-ventilated and energy-efficient home setting.

Our team in Woodvale stands out for their expertise in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. They have your back, whether you need a new A/C installed or your current one fixed.

These local experts quickly tackle issues with all types of air conditioners, from reverse cycle to evaporative systems. They focus on energy efficiency, too. This means they help reduce your energy consumption without sacrificing comfort.

Trust our crew to keep your place cool in summer and warm in winter. Did you forget to book preventative maintenance? No worries—our flexible scheduling has you covered there as well. Plus, with competitive prices and top-notch service round the clock, we’ve become the go-to pros for countless happy customers across Woodvale and beyond.

Your home deserves the best climate control solutions—you’ll find them right here with us!


A modern air conditioning unit installed in a well-ventilated room.

Choosing the right team for your air conditioning needs in Woodvale can make all the difference. Hippo Air Conditioning is a name you can trust, with top-notch service and years of happy customers behind it.

They’ve got your back, whether hot or cold outside, ensuring your space stays comfortable year-round. No need to worry about unexpected breakdowns – help is just a call away! Remember, these pros have the skills to keep you chill when it comes to cool comfort at home.


1. What kind of air conditioning services can I find in Woodvale?

You’ll find top-notch A/C installation, repair, and maintenance services in Woodvale—handled by motor engineers and auto electricians who know their way around heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

2. Is reverse cycle air conditioning a good option for both heating and cooling my home?

Absolutely! Reverse cycle air-conditioning is great for keeping your place warm during the chilly months and cool when it’s hot outside—it’s like getting two systems in one!

3. Can professional A/C services help reduce energy consumption?

Indeed, they can! With proper upkeep, your A/C unit runs more efficiently; experts can suggest systems designed to save energy—keeping those bills down.

4. Do technicians handle just residential or also commercial refrigeration systems?

They’ve got it covered—from fridges that keep things perfectly chilled at home to larger-scale refrigeration units on the marketplace floor—they fix them all.

5. Will my information be safe when I book these services online?

Rest assured—when you use their website to book an appointment or ask questions about your A/C needs, solid data protection practices are there to keep your details secure.

A modern air conditioning unit in a well-kept home interior.

We are ready to serve you

Hippo Air Conditioning